August 1 Thoughts

We have the 16 qualifying matches coming from Palermo in terms of top level competitive tennis for today. Just because tennis is back, it doesn’t mean there is any need to be compelled to make picks just for the sake of it. With many players … Continue readingAugust 1 Thoughts

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And. We. Are. Back.

I must say, it is good to be back writing previews again! As you may have seen on twitter over the last week, all my previews for the rest of 2020 will be publicly accessible. I have made this decision for a number of reasons, … Continue readingAnd. We. Are. Back.

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Dear Novak Djokovic

Dear Novak, My name is Steve. I am a small business owner in Australia. My business revolves entirely around previewing and discussing the great game of tennis. It is a sport that you have arguably shown to be one of, if not the greatest male … Continue readingDear Novak Djokovic

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