Vinny’s Challenger Hamburg Preview – Michael Agwi vs Clement Chidekh

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The tennis Michael Agwi is currently playing is a pleasure to watch. Grown up in Berlin, Agwi also finds a lot of support in Germany, which might also help him sustain that level of play. The 20-year-old is really painting the lines, playing explosively from both sides. With his height, his serve is also like a cannonball, making it hard for opponents to get into service games when he’s keeping his current level.

The standard of Clement Chidekh is very high as well and arguably, he’s still the more solid player. That being said, the Frenchman didn’t face as much explosiveness recently. Neither Kuhn, Andreev, Takahashi, Agabigun nor Droguet can be compared with Agwi when it comes to the power department. When facing another talented youngster playing with a lot of firepower in Hamish Stewart, Chidekh had to go three in Glasgow last month. I’m looking forward to this match, which should be a close one as I don’t expect Agwi’s level to drop severely all of a sudden.

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