Alex’s WTA Dubai Preview – Sakkari vs Paolini

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It’s time for round 3 of the WTA 1000 tournament in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and there’s a match of two players with very similar styles that I think the market has mispriced. Handicapping styles is a key part of tennis. Like analyzing player matchups in basketball or the schemes of football teams, knowing how each tennis player goes about their business is paramount. Are they big hitters who strike the ball aggressively and play with small margins of error? Is the player known for her great fitness and ability to return any ball like a backboard? Do we have a matchup of a player who is dominant at the net against one who struggles? Maria Sakkari faces Jasmine Paolini and they play similarly. Both are known for peak conditioning and ability to rally as long as it takes to win a point or force their opponent to lose the point. If we could bet on things like “average shot per rally” or “time of longest point played” we’d be hammering overs. This match is going to be a battle and I think either player can win the day. Sakkari is the better athlete and a more seasoned veteran of bigger events, but her performances this season are not more impressive than Paolini’s. I make this match Sakkari 1.77(-130) and Paolini 2.30(+130) and we get a chance to back the Italian at 2.65(+165). That’s a bet.

Suggested Bet
1U – Paolini 2.65(+165) vs. Maria Sakkari

Over 18s Only (21+ in some jurisdictions). 1 unit = 1% of bankroll. These are my bets that I am making. Please enjoy your betting responsibly. Never bet more than you can afford to lose, and do not chase a loss.