Alex’s SB58 Prop Sheet

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The Super Bowl is a lot of fun and for reasons beyond the football game. The National Anthem, Halftime Show, and even the commercials are some of the best, longest lasting memories we have of the NFL Championship game. If you’re not hosting a Super Bowl party yourself, I bet there’s a good chance you’re going to a party and what makes a party more fun than a prop sheet?

Don’t worry, this is not a sheet full of player statistical props, but instead questions about what the performers are wearing, which commercial comes on first after each quarter, and even some props about the game. It’s great for parties and allows everyone to have something to cheer for during the game without having to know much about football. I’d suggest you offer a prize for the winner or you could even collect money for each entry, but try to have fun with it.


I’ll post answers live from my Twitter @_noops and then post a full answer sheet later. Enjoy!