Steve’s ATP Estoril Preview: Garin vs Norrie

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I won’t go into too much detail here besides to say I was anticipating this match to land with Garin giving up a 4.5 game handicap and me leaving this match alone for that very reason.

Instead, we have the game handicap sitting tantalising at 3.5 games, and I am happy to invest for a unit. Normally it would be a touch higher, but looking through my thought processes around Norrie in a number of matches recently (that have ended up with me placing a wager, as well as the ones I left), it appears that I am erring on the side of underrating him on the clay at the moment.

I don’t see the left-handed Norrie giving Garin too many headaches consistently to be a threat in this match however. Garin looks well suited, and the day off yesterday compared to Norrie’s three hour match looks to favor the Chilean as well. Happy to cap this one at one unit.

Suggested Bet

1 unit Garin -3.5 games vs Norrie at $1.90 at Unibet