Tweeter of the Year Update

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We have a new leader. Unfortunately however, most of the details needed to be blurred from this one.

I tip based on value. 5 units doesn’t mean max confidence (insert bomb or lock emojis), it means maximum value compared to the odds offered.

The last few weeks has seen a drop in staking given the tour is returning. If you don’t like things as they are now, I can assure you that you probably won’t like them any more next week, so it may be time to stop following, or to take a step back and observe for a bit.

In positive news, at least I wasn’t called pond scum this time!

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When you post content publicly, you open yourself up to a wide range of replies. Sometimes, you just need to sit back and have a bit of a chuckle.

The criteria to be in the running is simple:
1) No swearing.
2) Make me laugh.

The first tweet in the running comes from Paula:

As a result, I have started a ‘Time since I was called pond scum’ timer.

Stay tuned for more nominations in the coming months, and congratulations to Paula for kicking things off!