Results Matrix – September 16

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Here is the results matrix for September 16:

In a perfect world, my preference is to have all the plays above the horizontal line, as I want to be making what I feel are the right plays on a consistent basis. This is an improvement on the previous few days.

  • Venus Williams probably jumps above that line if this match took place when the rest of the first round matches took place on Monday and Tuesday. She gave a good account of herself, however was unable to serve out the first set and struggled in set 2. 
  • Dimitrov and Travaglia were definitely the correct plays and there was some reward for effort there.
  • Rybakina -4 games felt the right play, and arguably was unlucky to not be a void at worst in this situation. 
  • Bolsova probably deserves to sit right on the line. 3rd set tiebreak and up *4-3 in the breaker before Blinkova overran her, she certainly had chances from a set up. 

Whilst it wasn’t a dominant positive day from a unit staking standpoint, today felt like a step in the right direction. 


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