Australian Open Unpaid Internship Raises Eyebrows

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Australian Open organisers have gone to great lengths to ensure the best of the best come to Melbourne to feature in the 2021 Australian Open. With a 12% increase in total prizemoney, up to approximately AUD$80 million, it is fantastic to see the tournament look to progress with strong fields.

Where is some money being saved? It looks as though some will be putting in weeks of their time for free.

As highlighted by @BundjalungBud on Twitter, a part-time internship has been advertised for an ‘Australian Open Video Production Intern’ from January 27 to February 14.

Whilst ‘all skills can be learned on the job’, it is the information towards the bottom of the advertisement that is of greatest concern:

“This position is not paid, and you will be responsible for all expenses including mealsYou must also be able to get yourself to and from Melbourne Park each day.”

It does feel a little strange knowing someone behind the scenes is going to go unpaid in this climate, when the Australian Open victors are receiving millions of dollars.

Whilst work experience roles are common, and this is great experience for the successful applicant, however given the current climate, should unpaid internships survive this pandemic? Join the conversation on Twitter.

You can also view the advertisement here.