WTA Junior Watchlist – Roland Garros 2020

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The junior WTA French Open has kicked off, and Vinny (@MatterTipTennis) is here to cover off the players to watch not only this week, but into the future as they make their way onto the main tour in the months and years to come.  

The Fruhvirtova Sisters

The hype about Linda and Brenda Fruhvirtova is real and I’m sure you’ve already heard about the two Czech prodigies when you were interested in reading this article. They won the U14 event Les Petits As back to back (Linda last year, Brenda this year) and both train at the Mouratoglou Academy. Both have so much power to their game considering their age and already blasted through U16 fields regularly. Brenda, who is 13 and two years younger than Linda, even beat Katerina Siniakova in an exhibition this July. However, apart from them, there are some more talented players in this year’s French Open juniors competition. Here’s a list on who you should watch:

Victoria Jimenez Kasintseva – 15yo / #1 juniors

  • First player from Andorra to win a Grand Slam (Australian Open at the age of 14 this year).
  • Lefty, inspired by Nadal and Kvitova.
  • Big fighter from the baseline

Alexandra Eala – 15yo / #4 juniors

  • Filipina from a sporting family.
  • Won Les Petits As at age of 12.
  • Won Australian Open doubles title this year.
  • Lefty, good point construction and depth, serve needs improvement

Elsa Jacquemot – 17yo / #6 juniors

  • Received WC into Roland Garros main draw (lost to Zarazua).
  • Beat numerous great names last 12 months (Paar, Cristian, Parry, Mladenovic, Raina, Stojanovic).
  • Good point construction

Polina Kudermetova – 17yo / #8 juniors

  • Veronika’s (even more talented?) sister.
  • Won ITF 15k end of 2019 (beating Eraydin, Kung and Craciun).
  • Huge game, good serve, always attacking but still inconsistent

Weronika Baszak – 18yo / #9 juniors

  • Australian Open finalist this year (beat Linda Fruhvirtova and Vecic).
  • Yet to play on the pro tour.
  • One-handed backhand, good shot placement

Kamilla Bartone – 18yo / #10 juniors

  • Still listed as Latvian, but wants to play for Germany since she trains there and gets support.
  • Beat Selekhmeteva and Montgomery at last year’s French Open.
  • Aggressive, good serve, powerful off both wings

Oksana Selekhmeteva – 17yo / #14 juniors

  • Beat Cocciaretto and Baptiste in 2018.
  • Big hope, but breakout yet to come.
  • Solid lefty game all around.

Alexandra Vecic – 18yo / #15 juniors

  • AO semifinal + wins against Stefanini and Lazaro Garcia this year.
  • Game fits clay, even though it’s her worst surface statistically so far.
  • Good point construction, can run forever, hard working.

Matilda Mutavdzic – 16yo / #28 juniors

  • Won ITF 15k this September (wins against Selekhmeteva, Jimenez Kasintseva and Cavalle-Reimers).
  • Attacking baseliner.

Linda Noskova – 15yo / #33 juniors

  • Crushed through age classes above together with the Fruhvirtovas.
  • Won 2019 Junior Fed Cup (beat Selekhmeteva in finals).
  • Beat Skamlova and Chwalinska in Czech Extraliga.
  • Aggressive and solid for her age, good serve and backhand.

Aubane Droguet – 17yo / #36 juniors

  • Won a set in qualifying two weeks ago against Nara.
  • Beat Fruhvirtova and Garland last year.
  • Nice variety, tries to dictate, especially with good backhand.

Alina Charaeva – 18yo / #38 juniors (CH #12)

  • Beat another talented youngster in Scilipoti 6-1 6-0 yesterday.
  • Likes clay courts.
  • Wins against Gasanova, Fetecau and Burel this year.

Ane Mintegi Del Olmo – 16yo / #43 juniors (CH #14)

  • Wins over Parry, Vecic, Jacquemot in juniors.
  • Very solid clay courter

Selena Janicijevic – 18yo / #50 juniors (CH #18)

  • Good point construction and variety.
  • Received WC into Roland Garros qualifying (lost to Gatto-Monticone).
  • Wins against Mendez and Hibi this year.

Daria Lopatetska – 17yo / CH #24 juniors

  • Played her last juniors tournament in 2018.
  • ITF main tour regular last year, won 2 consecutive ITF 25k events (wins over Gracheva, Buyukakcay, Gatto-Monticone et al.)
  • Generates power easily off both wings.
  • Got injured last May, still struggling with fitness.

And… some more players that I’m looking to observe as well:

Diana Shnaider  – 16yo / #34 juniors

Elina Avanesyan – 18yo / #37 juniors

Ziva Falkner – 18yo / #44 juniors

Romana Cisovska – 18yo / #51 juniors

Leyre Romero Gormaz – 18yo / #53 juniors

Mara Guth – 17yo / #57 juniors

Barbora Palicova – 16yo / #62 juniors

Eva Lys – 18yo / #73 juniors

Pia Lovric – 18yo / #77 juniors

Tara Wurth – 18yo / #78 juniors

Oceane Babel – 16yo / #80 juniors

Flavie Brugnone – 17yo / #160 juniors