DraftKings Thoughts – August 3

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It isn’t the biggest return you have ever seen, however tennis is back on DraftKings!!

Good luck coming up with an original line-up for the slate today, with only 16 players to choose from in the competition.

Personally, I would be building a team around the use of Maria Sakkari ($10,200). I have high hopes for her outright aspirations this week, and I think her game matches up incredibly well on clay against Kristyna Pliskova.

Whilst a little left-of-centre, you could make a point of difference and play a squad with Hercog AND Cocciaretto, or from another equivalent match where you think it may be close, allowing a 5 win/1 loss with respectable scoring. With this field of 16 players only, creativity may be rewarded if the favourites have a field day. Just thinking outside the box…

Short and sweet, however there isn’t a lot of content to discuss! Good luck if you are entering a team today, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.