Wimbledon Day 1 Thoughts

Whilst we have made a number of selections for today, there are many more that just missed the cut, as you can see below. BETFAIR HUB 2 free selections can currently be found on The Hub at Betfair, as well as our draw previews -> … Continue readingWimbledon Day 1 Thoughts

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Free Play – WTA Bogota

Anisimova vs Sharma (Approx 02:00am AEST)   Considering the level of tennis she has displayed this week, and the overall quality of serving not only in singles but doubles as well, I feel as though the +3.5 game handicap here looks to be a really … Continue readingFree Play – WTA Bogota

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2019 Service

Ace is back in 2019, with lower prices and more flexible sign-up options for anyone interested in signing up. For some perspective, the following statistics were compiled with written previews across the 2018 season: • 465 previewed selections • +91.90 units • The 250 3-5 … Continue reading2019 Service

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